Details & Specifications

Eight (8) Position Switch Box for EDU2AE/TOP
Voltage: Powerd by controller
Dimensions: 2" X 6.25" X 3.75"
Weight: 2 lbs.
Profile Sequencing: Optional
Torque Settings: Eight
Price: $400.00
Order Code: C

The SWBX-88 (8-Position) Switch Box plugs and plays with the EDU2AE/TOP controller.

The unit works in one of two ways:
  1. With the EDU set up in Fixed mode the switch acts as a confirmation step. Fixed mode requires a sequence of operation that starts with program one and then proceeds to program two and so on. With the switch box connected, the operator is required to click the switch before the program changes to the next phase in the operation.
  2. With the EDU set up in Free mode the switch changes the controller manually from one program to another without any predefined sequence.


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